What is the elans project?

pErsonnaliser Les pArcours à l’uNiverSité : elans

The elans project is a project carried out by the University of Poitiers which has been financed by the investment program “Nouveaux cursus à l’université”in order to reform the 1st cycle. The elans project comes within the scope of the Orientation et Réussite Étudiante law (ORE) and the licence decree of the 30th July 2018.

What are the objectives of the project?

The ELANS project carries out and supports different plans to promote academic success for undergraduate students. It is centred on 4 axis:

  • The diversification of courses : It is a progressive specialisation that results in the implementation of portals in general degrees (for the UP) from the first semester and the possibility for students to have access to five different courses during their degrees (disciplinary, bi-disciplinary, international, professional).
  • The implementation of cross-curricular competencies in languages, digital tools, documentary research, and academic work methodology (Méthodologie du Travail Universitaire, MTU) linked with students’ personal and professional projects (Projet Personnel et Professionnel de l’Étudiant, PPPE) during their degrees. Thanks to ELANS, new learning spaces will be created by putting numerilabs in the BUs (a program made for the development of collaborative work).
  •  Reinforced support of students , from their first year, centred on three aspects :
  • Giving a major role to teacher-advisors for better support;
  • A specific support centred on learning cross-curricular competencies and the role of the student for all the high-school graduates joining in the “Yes if” (Oui si) program ;
  • The possibility for students to transfer to a new course if they feel they were wrong in their course choice (program called parcours Rebond).
  • The implementation of a competence-based approach at university level is made to help a diverse public by developing practices that favour active teaching methods such as flipped classrooms or project-based learning, using digital tools.

What are the means used by the elans project to implement academic success for undergraduate students?

➢ A management team :

  • A project promoter, in charge of the scientific program : Lydie ANCELOT
  • A project manager : Agnès GUITET
  • A manager for each axis :
  • Competence-based approach and educational diversity : Lydie ANCELOT
  • Diversification of courses : Florent JABOUILLE
  • AReinforced support : François LECELLIER
  • Cross-curricular competencies : James ROBERT

➢ Financial means :

  • 9,500,000€ for 10 years comprising 561,000€ of operating fund and 1,293,000€ of equipment ;
  • External hours of discharge and vacation for the educational team ;

➢ Human resources :

  • 8 educational engineers, 4 IGE TICE, 1 IGE assessor/quality specialist, 1 IGE in charge of communication, 1 career counsellor, 1 data analyst.

In order to implement the different plans, ELANS benefits from the support of :

➢ Support services for educational teams :

  • the SCD
  • the MDL
  • the MDE
  • the services of the FRE centre : the board of courses management (Direction du Pilotage de la Formation)
  • the OREVE
  • the CRIIP
  • the SAFIRE
  • UP Pro

➢ Support services for the management team :

  • the HR services
  • the committee for management and help with strategy
  • the DGS
  • lthe communication services
  • the chairmanship
  • the services of the DIAF : the SIFAC committee
  • the CSP
  • the public procurement

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