MOTIVE is an online self-training platform that helps students learn academic work methods to favour their success.

The platform is available anywhere, anytime on the dedicated Moodle platform using the personal login details of the university.


Made of the educational counsellors of the CRIIP and the TICE engineers of i-médias at the university of Poitiers, the Pédagolab offers customised support to all the staff and PhD students of the UP. The aim is to meet their needs when they want to vary their educational activities, use the UPdago platform and communicate with students.


The tutothèque is a website gathering all the tutorials that are useful to master the various tools of the digital environment of the University of Poitiers (UPdago, Zimbra messaging service, UPplanning, SEL account, etc.)


Guide to the teacher-advisors

Frame of reference of cross-curricular competencies

The toolbox of the competence-based approach

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